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Klaus Riedel said: You can drink wine from any dish, but only the right glass will allow you to feel its real taste.
In 1961, the famous glassblower created a collection of wide glasses with a thin rim that delivered the drink to the desired taste points on the tongue and palate. Having tasted wine from glasses from, even the biggest skeptics recognized the shape matters!

The main rules for choosing wine glasses


You can buy wine glasses made of various materials: glass, impact-resistant glass, Bohemian glass and crystal. The most affordable option is ordinary glass, and the most practical is shockproof. Crystal and Bohemian glass are noble materials that emphasize the high charter and refined taste of the owners of the house.

Shape of red wine glasses

If you are a fan of fine wines with a multifaceted complex bouquet, choose Burgundy glasses. The shape of the glass in the form of a ball helps the aroma of the drink to unfold. Burgundy glasses with equal sides are suitable for wines with a bright intense aroma.

Sparkling wine glass shape

Feel the taste of sparkling wine will help a tall glass «Flut», which perfectly keeps the temperature and demonstrates the enchanting December bubbles. Another option is Marie Antoinette glasses. A product with a wide bowl on a narrow stem can often be seen at parties, because they are used to build pyramids for champagne.

Form of glasses for strong wines

Liqueurs and ports are usually drunk from small glasses with a tulip-shaped bowl.

Choosing a glass design

Our site presents classic, modern and original wine glasses. Which design should you prefer?

If you are a fan of exquisite expensive style, then you will love Bohemian glass products. Glasses of the Czech brand «BohemiaSklo» are decorated with silver and gold inserts. Their graceful appearance makes them the main decoration of the festive table and gives it a royal mood.

If you like modern minimalism with a hint of futurism, choose the glasses from the Turkish brand F & D. Glasses made of thin crystal with laser processing of edges give a beautiful ringing.

Another original solution for a festive table is glasses with colored legs. In such products, impeccable elegance and light modern style are ideally combined. You can choose such glasses in the catalog of the Bohemia trademark.
If you are a fan of traditional classics, choose Graceful glass glasses.

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