Сonstruction company in Montenegro

People who plan to buy an apartment in Montenegro know that a construction company is a powerful flagship of the construction industry of our city. The company puts a high and noble goal for its work: to contribute to the solution of the socio-economic issues of the city and the region. To this end, the construction company acts as a general contractor, developer, investor, investing in construction, housing, commercial real estate, social and industrial facilities. In the plans of the developer — the access to the construction market housing and new buildings throughout the country.

Over two decades of work for the benefit of the community of the city, the developer received a large number of thanks, awards and diplomas. But the main reward is the recognition construction company http://montelgroup.me/en/turnkey-construction-montenegro/of city residents who have received many apartments, whose total area is over 100,000 square meters. Thousands of families have not only a roof over their heads, but modern, equipped in the last word in the field of architecture and construction of an apartment in new buildings, as well as entire microdistricts with its own carefully thought-out infrastructure. Not to mention square meters in a new building from real estate agencies. Acquiring real estate in Montenegro without intermediaries allows you to save related funds earned by hard labor. Therefore, it is not surprising that thousands of families already appreciated the benefits of cooperation with the city’s construction industry leader. The developer also works for the benefit of the inhabitants of the region.
Anyone who has purchased apartments in Montenegro in new buildings from our construction company is well aware of all the benefits of this home. Insulated walls, high quality five-chamber windows, reliable doors, availability of installed counters, boiler and heating batteries, exquisite landscape design of home territories and the like. We bring real estate in Choronoyrios according to clear charts, taking into account the geological features of the locations. We take care of future owners of real estate from young to advanced age. The most provided kindergartens and playgrounds, sports grounds.

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